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Terrible Game

It looks terrible from the start +I saw other really bad reviews terrible game

Ice cream game

This game is horrible all it gives you are adds!!!


I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this app. The tons of ads and junk are inappropriate and unacceptable for our kids.. Also, terrible to play with ..the updates made it terrible in all senses.. We can go anywhere and it shuts off unexpected. Please get it fixed or remove it from market.

more bugs then content!

the game doesnt work


Ice cream maker is a fun little game where the goal is to select your ingredients and make a bunch of various ice creams and smoothies. You do the prep work such as cutting up the guilt and mixing it in the blender. Its a fun little past time, give it a try.


Omg omg omg omg omg Im hungry

Fun, but...

Its a great game, but I have to warn you, when Im Im the middle of playing the game, it goes to another page and have to go to home and go back to the game


The game stinks and I dont think you should get this game!!!!!!!!!And Im going to tell you why,its always the same thing every time you play and nothing new!


This app is good but add more flavors.


Looks really good

Ok but,

I cant give the costumer what he wants because I cant open the freezer. I dont know how! If you guys do then your lucky!

Horrible. Just horrible.

This game is absolutely horrid. There are WAY too many ads that block the screen and waste your time when you accidentally click on it. Also, you need ads for everything and you dont get a lot of gems! Ive had this game for not even 10 minutes and its already killing me. Really bad game!

Too long to load

It is taking so long to load Im waiting for about 40 min


As I sit here, wasting even more of my time Im truly wondering what genius created, reviewed & released this gem. Besides the play button, nothing else works. Seriously....nothing. Dont waste your time downloading this game. Its crap, I wouldnt download it again if the creator paid me too. Its not worth the FREE price tag. Its as if its a joke, one thats horribly unfunny.


Pretty good

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